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Performance Flow 

Dr Nick Dash
trusted performance coach to many of the worlds best athletes

Dr Dash explains FLOW is a game-changer in sports

"Athletes describe being in a 'state of flow' when performing at their best.

Wearable biosensors provide the key to access flow state.

The performance-flow matrix delivers a platform of biofeedback and neural stimulation customised to the individual athlete".

“Flow state is the source code of elite performance,” says Nick Dash, renowned neuro-optometrist and sports performance specialist.


Talking to athletes about their record-breaking performances, they use words that indicate that they unintentionally tapped into flow states. Many examples exist from FIFA World Cup Penalty takers to high-adrenaline adventure sports.


Most athletes will have experienced moments where performance is effortless almost instinctive. This is a natural state of elite performance termed the ‘flow state’ or being ‘in the zone.’ 


Performance-Flow™ has been privileged to work with the beta development versions of devices to be launched in 2023 and has a history of working with more than 100 of the world’s best athletes and world cup winners.

In 2023, Performance-Flow has continued to support more World and European Gold Medalists. 


The latest wearable sensors to be launched in 2023 will allow brain wave patterns, eye movement and other bio-metrics to allow multi-sensory biofeedback and neural stimulation to allow athletes to drop into the state of flow.

Game in FLO

Valverde A Win.png

The ‘state of flow’ is the key differentiator of elite performance.


Sports performance flow can be trained with wearable technologies.

 intrinsic and extrinsic neural stimulation will improve reaction times, 

half the time to learn new skills,

improve neuro-muscular conditioning,

enhance muscle memory,

 improve performance under pressure.

Taking performance to the next level in olympics, world champs & esports

Proven track record
supporting over 100 world-leading performers
over the last 20 years.

Olympians Summer and Winter Gold Medalists



Adventure Sports


Motor Sports

esports > next level = gameflo

& many other sports

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